Volunteers Needed

Event begins May 17th in The Women’s Memorial at the gates of Arlington National Cemetery. Following brief ceremony at 8am volunteers will begin hanging 6,820 fallen warrior ribbons in Women’s Memorial. Fallen Warrior Ribbon Memorial will remain on display in grand hall entire week prior to Memorial Day Weekend.

Saturday May 23rd event begins with ceremonial meditation for volunteers at 8am. Following meditation volunteers bring memorial to life by guiding visitors into Women’s Memorial. Showing them how to interact with ribbons. Guiding them through process of honoring individual warrior and offering a mindful moment of gratitude. Sunday May 24th follows same schedule. Event ends at 5pm both days.

Visitor honors fallen warrior by taking down a single ribbon. Visitor walks over to volunteer at a Names station. There volunteer will offer visitor a name in the form of an adhesive label. Label will be presented with the question, “Will you honor (warriors name, date of death and operation)”. Visitor responds with yes, volunteer sticks name label to ribbon and offers it to visitor an a necklace to be worn home.


Creating the Fallen Warrior Ribbon Memorial
May 17th


Volunteer for May 17th


8am Volunteers gather at Women’s Memorial for gentle yoga and guided meditation to settle the body and prepare the mind for the significance of the task ahead.
8:45-1pm Participate in Ribbon Assembly line
1-2pm Lunch
2-5pm Participate in Ribbon Assembly line

May 23rd & 24th


Volunteer for May 23rd – 24th


Greeters (indoor and outdoor) – a volunteer greeter is one who likes getting into conversations about the event – as many as possible!

  • volunteer to talk about the event to those visiting Arlington
  • outdoor-develop strategic locations to encourage visitors to the Women’s Memorial
  • indoor greeters-to describe to the visitors as they are entering the memorial the process for obtaining a ribbon and our intent of honoring the fallen.

Honor the Fallen name searchers (people behind the computers)-these volunteers need to be computer savvy. They will search our data base to locate fallen soldiers.

Honor the Fallen name presenters ( the individual that read the name on the label and ask the visitor “will you honor (name) and put the necklace around their neck.
-these volunteers must be passionate about the event, our intention and mindfulness.


8:00am            Honor the Fallen gentle yoga and guided meditation

All volunteers meet at Women’s Memorial for simple ceremony to come together and bring our minds into place.


8:45am            Begin Honoring Individual Warriors. (SHIFT 1)

Welcome Greeters.(as many as possible) can be anyone wanting to participate. A warm hello and an introduction to the event.

Outdoor greeters stand outside on plaza. Offer information about event.

Indoor greeters further guide visitors to ribbon memorial and introduce them to mindfulness.

Main Hall Greeters.(2) have basic understanding of mindfulness. Explain mindfulness as tool to bring our fullest attention to honoring the fallen. Explain process of interacting with ribbon, taking ribbon down and offering a mindful moment of gratitude.

Honor The Fallen Name Searchers (2) Have basic computer skills. Search Data base for individual warriors.

Honor the Fallen Name Presenters (2-4)   Compassionate individuals. Before handing name of fallen warrior to visitor they ask visitor “will you honor, (warriors name)?” They then affix warriors name to ribbon as a necklace and hand ribbon to visitor.


12:30pm         Lunch


1:30-4:30pm   Honoring Individual Warriors

Same as above SHIFT 2


4:30pm-5pm   Consolidate the names.

Place names under fallen warrior symbol in Room of Honor